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rh-java-common - This Software Collection provides common Java libraries and tools used by other collections. The rh-java-common Software Collection is required by the devtoolset-3, maven30, rh-mongodb26, and thermostat1 components.

python27 - A release of Python 2.7 with a number of additional utilities. This Python version provides various new features and enhancements, including a new ordered dictionary type, faster I/O operations, and improved forward compatibility with Python 3. The python27 Software Collections contains the Python 2.7.13 interpreter... [more]

v8314 - This Software Collection provides the V8 JavaScript engine and is supported only as a dependency for the mongodb24, rh-mongodb26, ruby193, ror40, rh-ror41, and nodejs010 Software Collections.

rh-ruby23 - A release of Ruby 2.3. This version provides substantial performance and reliability improvements, includes frozen string literal pragma, safe navigation operator and many others, while maintaining source level backward compatibility with Ruby 2.2, Ruby 2.0 and Ruby 1.9.3.

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rh-perl520 - A release of Perl, a high-level programming language that is commonly used for system administration utilities and web programming. The rh-perl520 Software Collection provides additional utilities, scripts, and database connectors for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Also, it includes the DateTime Perl module and the mod_perl Appache httpd module, which is... [more]

rh-php56 - A release of PHP with PEAR 1.9.5 and enhanced language features including constant expressions, variadic functions, arguments unpacking, and the interactive debugger. The memcache, mongo, and XDebug extensions are also included.

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rh-ruby24 - A release of Ruby 2.4. This version provides substantial performance and other improvements.

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rh-nodejs6 - A release of Node.js 6 with npm 3.10. This Software Collection gives users of RHEL and CentOS access to Node.js programming platform.

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rh-mariadb102 - A recent stable release of MariaDB 10.2. This Software Collection gives users of CentOS and RHEL an alternative to MySQL, which is binary compatible with MariaDB in most practical cases and can be replaced with it.

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git19 - Git is a distributed revision control system with a decentralized architecture. As opposed to centralized version control systems with a client-server model, Git ensures that each working copy of a Git repository is an exact copy with complete revision history. This not only allows you to work on and... [more]