Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Software Collection differ from a regular package I get from my distribution?

Since SCLs are distributed as RPMs, it's easy to wonder how they differ. While the installation and format are similar, there are a few important differences:

  • SCLs do not overwrite or modify system files.
  • SCLs do not conflict with system files or system software.
  • SCLs have a unique name, so they do not conflict with upstream software.

Can a Software Collection depend on another Software Collection?

Yes. If you have an SCL that requires, say, MariaDB, it can depend on that Software Collection. If you're packaging your own SCLs, you can make use of other SCLs rather than having to re-package them within your own SCL.

For more information, see the Software Collections Packaging Guide.

How hard is it to create an SCL if I already have the software packaged?

It's not difficult at all. You only need to make minor changes to the spec file, no major surgery is needed on the existing packages. See the Software Collections Packaging Guide for more information.

Where can I ask more questions?

We have a mailing list at (more info at You can also ask on StackOverflow using the software-collections tag.

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