Personnal package of textblob ( ). Also used to test fun stuff like adding this: %check touch /var/scls/data/miscwashere

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# 1. Install the Software Collections tools:
yum install scl-utils

# 2. Download a package with repository for your system.
#  (See the Yum Repositories section below. You can use `wget URL`.)

# 3. Install the repo package:
yum install misc-test-*.noarch.rpm

# 4. Install the collection:
yum install test

# 5. Start using software collections:
scl enable test bash


Unpublished: Collections not listed publicly. For projects in development stages before public release or projects for personal use.

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Yum Repositories

Operating system Package with repo Browse files
Fedora rawhide x86_64 (269 downloads) x86_64



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