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rh-passenger40 - A release of Phusion Passenger, a web and application server, designed to be fast, robust, and lightweight. It supports Ruby using the ruby193, ruby200, or rh-ruby22 Software Collections together with Ruby on Rails using the ror40 or rh-ror41 Collections. It can also be used with nginx 1.6 from... [more]

rh-postgresql94 - A recent stable release of PostgreSQL. This version provides a number of new features and enhancements:

  • Increased flexibility with the new JSONB datatype, which enables users to use both relational and non-relational data stores at the same time

  • Increased scalability with Logical Decoding that supplies a new API... [more]

rh-mysql56 - A recent stable release of MySQL. This version provides a number of new features and enhancements, including improved performance.

This collection is EOL since April 2018.

rh-mongodb26 - A release of MongoDB, a cross-platform document-oriented database system classified as a NoSQL database. This Software Collection includes the mongo-java-driver package.

This collection is EOL since April 2018.

rh-mariadb100 - A recent stable release of MariaDB. This Software Collection gives users of CentOS an alternative to MySQL, which is binary compatible with MariaDB in most practical cases and can be replaced with it.

This collection is EOL since April 2018

rh-ror41 - A release of Ruby on Rails 4.1, a web application development framework written in the Ruby language. This version provides a number of new features including Spring application preloader, config/secrets.yml, Action Pack variants, and Action Mailer previews. This Software Collection is supported together with the rh-ruby22 Collection.

This... [more]

rh-ruby22 - A release of Ruby 2.2. This version provides substantial performance and reliability improvements, including incremental and symbol garbage collection and many others, while maintaining source level backward compatibility with Ruby 2.0.0 and Ruby 1.9.3.

This collection is EOL since April 2018.

rh-python34 - A release of Python 3 with a number of additional utilities. This Software Collection gives developers on CentOS access to Python 3 and allows them to benefit from various advantages and new features of this version. The rh-python34 Software Collection contains Python 3.4.2 interpreter, a set of extension... [more]

rh-php56 - A release of PHP with PEAR 1.9.5 and enhanced language features including constant expressions, variadic functions, arguments unpacking, and the interactive debugger. The memcache, mongo, and XDebug extensions are also included.

This collection is EOL since April 2018.

rh-perl520 - A release of Perl, a high-level programming language that is commonly used for system administration utilities and web programming. The rh-perl520 Software Collection provides additional utilities, scripts, and database connectors for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Also, it includes the DateTime Perl module and the mod_perl Appache httpd module, which... [more]