Adding a New Software Collection

Add Your Software Collection to Our Directory

  1. Build your SCL in the copr Build Service.
  2. Log in to the website.
  3. Click Import New in the Browse Collections section.
  4. Select your copr project, add a description and other information needed by the form.

Get Your Software Collection Approved

Consider having your SCL reviewed by a professional to check if it works correctly. Your SCL then gets an approved tag and will be shown with higher priority in the Directory. To have your SCL approved, click the Request a Review button in the detail of your SCL. Please ensure it meets the requirements mentioned below.

Directory Requirements

  • Project has a description
  • Project has an issue tracker
  • Community Project policy selected

Packaging Requirements

All packages need to meet the requirements specified in the Packaging Software Collections chapter of the Packaging Guide. You can use the rpmlint tool with the SCLCheck module to help you check your packages. An example command would be:

 $ rpmlint -c SCLCheck python27-python-2.7.5-12.el7.centos.src.rpm 

Legal Requirements

Your project must comply with the Licensing Guide.